Thursday, November 5, 2009

Adrian's World and Im just living in it!

I am starting this blog so I can document all of the moments in my baby boys life. There are so many things going on in his little life already that I Michelle need to write it all down or I will forget it all.

So first let me start off with the day or days that it took him to be here with us.

It was February 4th/09 and I was already 8 days over due, I had an appointment at the hospital in High river to be induced. We were suppose to be there at 8am but I was called and told that things would be delayed a bit because there were other ladies ahead of me, so I had a mini melt down but relized there was nothing I could do so I waited. We were then called later that afternoon and we got to the hospital, I was given cervadil which was suppose to start my contractions. We had to stay at the hospital for a few hours so they could monitor us. I was sent home in the hope that labor would begin and we would have ourselves a little baby that night. I was having contractions every few minutes and they hurt quite a bit, I was having them for the rest of the day and all night, we were told to come back the next day Thursday if I did not progress.
The next day around noon the cervadil feel out, we phoned the hospital and were told to come in at 4pm. When we arrived at the hospital we were told that there was no doctor available to preform a c-section so they would not be able to induce us until someone was available which would not be until the Saturday. I was scheduled for an ultrasound for the next day to make sure everything was ok with the baby, that there was enough fluid around him. If everything was ok which it was they would have me come in on Saturday to induce again. All of this time we were doing everything to get labor started on our own, everything that we have ever heard of that might possibly induce labor with no luck of course.
When Saturday came along I had had enough, I could not wait any longer I was 13 days late and being told that my baby would be around 9lbs 13oz. I was tempted to look on the internet on how to do an at home c-section.
We were waiting for a call from the hospital to come in to be induced so we could finally see our baby, we were expecting a call around 6pm. When 6pm came and went Anthony called the hospital and they let us know that the doctor still was not there and if they did not call us that night then we were to come in at 6am Sunday morning. I then had a major melt down and cried for quite awhile until Anthony could finally calm me down. We went to bed that night knowing the next day we would hopefully finally see or baby. I did not sleep at all that night because of all of the anticipation and woke up very early to drive to the hospital. When we arrived we did the usual routine peed in a cup got into a gown, hooked up to monitors checked to see if I was dilated this was all something I was very use to by then. We had 3 nurses and a doctor come into our room and I thought this is it, this are going to start happening finally. Um no, all of these people were there apparently because they thought I was going to kill the doctor when she told me they still could not induce me, which I really wanted to but I just cried again instead. We were being sent to Rockeyview to be induced for real they were expecting us we just had to get there and everything would start.

Rockeyview hospital 8am, I am taken into a room put in a gown and my water was broken, I was then taken to the delivery room and hooked up to a monitor and given oxcytosin which was going to induce my labor, and boy did it ever. Things started happening very quickly the pain that is, I was contracting non stop and in much need of medication. After about 5 hours I asked for pain medication and given laughing gas I was not able to move around, only from the bed to a chair and a work out ball because I was hooked up to monitors. The laughing gas was not cutting to for me so I was given morphine all I wanted was some pain relief and to sleep because of the lack of sleep the night before. After 10 hours when the nurse came in the room I was in more pain then ever and exhausted. She let me know after checking me that I would probably have another 10 hours to go so I asked for a epidural. After that I was finally able to sleep for about 2 hours the pain was gone and when I woke up Anthony and I watched the office on the lap top.
Now by this time I have no sense of time and Im alittle foggy on some details so I'm not sure when any of this happened but a bunch of nurses rushed into the room because Adrian's heart rate was dropping and raising quickly and dangerously so they kept getting me to change side I was laying on until it returned to normal. After about 17 hours of intence labor it was fainlly time to push things were going along and I was pushing but then I developed a fever that they were worried about, I was given more medication and continued to push. After about 2 hours things were not progressing and they were worried that I would need a c-section, so the doctor let me know that the best way to get him out would be by forceps, so that is what we did, it was blinding pain for about 5 mins I had my eyes closed the entire time and then he was here...a beautiful baby boy Adrian Michael Schwarz born 2:05am February 9/09 born to Michelle and Anthony Schwarz! We are so in love with our little boy and that is where the story continues!

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