Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Month

Adrian's first month consisted of all of the normal things first bath,first doctors appointment, meeting family and friends, getting circumcised (poor boy) and 2 baby showers! One at my parents place with family and friends and one at a girls house I use to work with with my former colleagues. Also in that time we celebrated my birthday as well as his grandpa's birthday.
At the very end of his first month we had Adrian baptized. He was baptized at St.James church on Mar 8/09 in Okotoks, his godparents are Anthony's brother Stefan and his wife Lauren. We had a nice get together at our house after the ceremony.
The days for Adrian consisted of eating all of the time and sleeping a lot, also waking a lot in the night to nurse. The first 7 nights were spent on the couch where I would nurse and him and I would fall asleep together. There was definitely a transition time where he needed to hear my heart all of the time. Going from a dark, small, warm place to the big bright outside world where you are hearing mom's heart beat non stop must be very hard on a little baby. So we worked through it and I did everything I could to make him comfortable in his new world.

A day after we were home from the hospital I developed a pretty high fever and was sent to the hospital, Adrian had also come home with jaundice which is normal for a baby and his levels were not high but they also wanted to check him at the hospital as well. We arrived to High river hospital around 9pm where they checked me and determined that I had an infection. Because Adrian was jaundice and I had an infection they wanted us to go to the children's hospital to make sure Adrian was not sick. So we drove allllll the way to the childrens and were luckily checked in right away because Adrian was so new and I was very sick. They poked my poor baby with needles, took his blood, gave him an IV and a catheter, while they were waiting for the blood and urine results they put him under the lights to help his jaundice. We were finally able to go home at 6am when all of the test results were normal. We had been at the hospital from 11pm until 6am the next morning and I was put on 2 weeks of antibiotics that made me sick blah. But again we got through that! The only other incident we had in our first month with the new love of our lives was a visit from the ambulance. I was nursing Adrian one night when I developed the worst pains I have ever felt in my stomach, I could not move or walk they were so bad, Anthony phoned health link and we were told to go to the hospital but I could not walk to the car to get there. Anthony called an ambulance but of course by the time they arrived the pains had gone away so they checked my vitals and let me know because of the infection I was experiencing normal uterine contractions they were just much worse because I was sick.
The first month was filled with all the wonderful new things that you learn about you baby and your baby learns about you. We would do anything to keep our baby happy and healthy and adjusting to the new world he had entered.

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